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Is doing your own Laundry a Crime?

Well that may sound a little ridiculous, for sure. But then, it’s not far from true. Think about it. When was the last time you sprung in joy when it came to doing your laundry? If you had to give an award to the chore of chores, laundry would win it, hands down. While you may sit and brood over the thought of laundry, here’s some interesting dope on how to justify your reasons for not doing it.

Criminal Waste of Clothes

Laundry is one of those chores you never master in. Nor is there a laundry equivalent of the ‘Grandma’s recipe. There’s no compliment like “you’re good at laundry”. And that’s because none of us are. Our poor laundry habits can solely be credited for reducing the life of our clothes by half. But then, it’s unreasonable to take care of your clothes like it is your baby. Even if you want to.

Criminal Waste of Money

Say you buy a washing machine and dryer for around 15 grand. Let’s trust you’re good with handling and your machine lasts a full life of 5 years. Add the electricity to run it. The bucks on servicing it. The detergents you chase every week. The cabs you chase to chase the detergents every week. The cost of pressing your clothes. The money your maid robs you off inspite of having a machine. No wait, she of course spreads your clothes on the clothesline. But then you need a balcony. But then balconies are for sunsets. All this without the luxury of saving on volumes. Work the math and you’re staring at anything between 15-20 INRan apparel. Plus the depreciating value of your clothes. Not quite sure if it’s the price you would pay for your dirty linen.

Criminal Waste of Time

An average person spends almost 400 days of his/her life with a washing machine. That’s enough time to master a new hobby. Enough and more time to binge on all your favourite articles and books etc. Enough time to startup, fail and startup again. Enough time to think whether he/she is the right one. Enough time figuring the theory of relativity. Hopefully.

5 Easy Ways to Rid Those Stains

Get those unexpected and stubborn stains out of sight and out of mind! Here are 5 easy, innovative home tips you can use!


The stains on the cotton fabrics like cola, hair dye, ketchup etc. can be easily treated by using undiluted vinegar or following the same with an instant wash. For severe stains 1-2 cup/cups of vinegar of the ash cycle as well.


Squirt some lemon juice onto the stained area before tossing your shirts in for a regular wash.


Since coffee is so essential in life for many, stains could well be a consequence. Sponge the coffee stain with water then gently blot it with a bit of glycerine.


To remove ink stains on cotton fabrics, use rubbing alcohol (the cloth cleaning acids), then wash. For polyester, use a bit of hairspray and pat with a clean, dry cloth, then wash it as usual.


Coat the stain with baby powder and let it stay overnight. The oil mark should disappear. If it doesn’t, just repeat the process once again and just in case these home tips sound tedious or time consuming, FiveStar has always got your back with its professional stain removing and laundry services! :)